7 Great Juice Recipes For Added Health


Staying in good health is one of the keys to having a great, fulfilling life. Most people are doing things that benefit their life and give them a longer life, so that they can live to see and do things they dream of doing and achieving. Need a quick and easy way to get your juice in the morning? Try Organifi

One of the things people do for health is eat good food and drink juices that keep their body systems in good shape. Juicing help the body organs function like they are supposed to or better than they are working, because of faster absorption than solid foods.

Nowadays people have turned from eating vegetables to drinking them. A better natural way of getting healthy micro-nutrients in your body. First you need to buy a juicer and a basket of fruits and vegetables.

Now you’re in good hands, ready to blend the perfect concoction. The truth is, a lot of bottled juice at the shop contain a lot of added sugars. Many juices are also pasteurized to help increase their shelf life. This degrades the nutrient content of the juice. You get less vitamin C compared to freshly squeezed. The difference is probably not large enough to make a difference.

Below you will find…

7 Great Juice Recipes For Added Health

Many juicing recipes are made by people who have previously been unhealthy. Maybe gained a lot of weight and have had a lot of health issues such as:

  • Obesity
  • Blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes

Who are now healthier, thinner and happier. More vibrant skin and hair.


The power gulp


This recipe packs a dose of iron. It will be deliver faster into your system. It is especially good for women during their period, or during pregnancy. You get more than your body’s daily requirement of vitamin K which helps in blood and bone health.

The major ingredients include:

  • Kale
  • Green grapes
  • Cucumber
  • Granny Smith apple.

Antioxidant Supreme


This recipe is used for inhibiting oxidation and fight the deterioration of stored food products, also known as Anti-Oxidants. These substances are used to prevent harmful chemical reactions in food. You will find them mostly in berries. They hold powerful anti-aging benefits to the body. Antioxidants ensures your skin is healthy. It helps get rid of wrinkles and other toxins that are harmful to the body, which may cause skin rush and boils.

The ingredients of this mixture include:

  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Mangoes
  • One mixture.

The total health booster


Another juice mixture with a combination of vitamin-packed ingredients to fuel your whole body. This includes a combination of the essential vitamins:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

Vitamins are used to fight aging, promote production of stronger bones and younger-looking skin that is aided by vitamin A and vitamin C. These help collagen production.

The ingredients of this mixture include:

  • Apple
  • Pears
  • Cherries
  • Contains one hundred and ninety two calories (192 kcal).

Energy upper


Another great juice that contains natural fruit sugars giving you an instant energy boost. Energy is necessary to help you gain more function ability and stamina needed to carry out activities requiring extra concentration. It contains an electrolyte loaded coconut water that helps keep your body hydrated to the max. It helps easing digestion and speed up the process of food absorption by the body. You get more energy faster.

The ingredients of this mixture include:

  • Lychees in syrup
  • Peaches
  • Coconut water

Coconut water is obtained naturally from breaking open the shell of the coconut.

The immune booster

A killer-relieving mix that provides you with the maximum resistance you need to eliminate disease faster. It helps improve your level of blood clotting adding the function ability of your platelets and increase the production of blood cells that assist in oxygenation of blood and removal of impurities from your blood.

The kiwis in this combination alone are packed with twice the daily amount of vitamin c required in the body together with the citrus.

The ingredients of this mixture include:

  • Kiwis
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruits

The post-work out re-fueler


One of the best fitness drinks that works well after a long tiresome work-out at the gym. Due to the wear and tear after the lifting and the working of limbs, the almond’s natural protein helps build and repair muscles that have undergone strain and the potassium that helps you balance your body’s processing of waste and absorption of vitamins and minerals.

The ingredients in the mixture include:

  • Oranges
  • Almonds
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Apples
  • Calories are up to two hundred and thirty one (231 kcal).

High Fiber Boost


High- fiber root veggies and fruits keep things moving through the body’s digestive tracts and to fasten the process of food absorption which helps the body support its functions and improves the general function of the special organs of your body such as the brain and the heart. The ginger helps calm your stomach at times when you have gastric indigestion and stomach acids are flowing in the wrong directions and rise back up the esophagus in turn leaving a burning sensation along their path.

The major ingredients of the recipe involve:

  • Ginger
  • Beetroot
  • Carrots
  • Apple

All ingredients are combined at the same time and beaten up until they are completely mixed up. The juice is best taken in the morning once you wake up before taking any meal to clear your gut and digestive system.

Using easy to clean juicers is the best way to go when it comes to making your health gaining mixture. Some of the leafy parts of the combinations end up getting stuck in the hidden parts of the machines and they make it difficult to blend another round without going through a hustle and getting contamination from the dirt that is left sticking in between. There are various types of juicers such as masticating, vertical masticating and centrifugal juicers that are used for extracting juice from hard fruits and vegetables. In the end it all comes down to your body functioning in a proper way which involves making sure that you live happy and keep strong.

Do you want to make juicing easy? The popula Organifi will surely help you out. A great and healthy organic juicing “kit” to help you get on the road quickly and easily.


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