Truth About Cellulite Review – Is Naked Beauty Symulast Method Any Good?


In this review I will cover the “Truth About Cellulite” Naked Beauty Symulast Method by Joey Atlas. A very popular program downloaded by thousands of women.

Here’s a quick helpful video from the author of the program before you begin reading my review.

If you are one of the millions of women who has cellulite, you are not alone! It can be very painful for your self-image and confidence. So many women are looking for solutions to the cellulite problem that they resolve to almost anything to get rid of them. Don’t worry, Joey Atlas has created the “Symulast method”, which is short for: Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation.

This supposedly helps you get rid of cellulite in a few weeks, by stimulating and flattening the muscles underneath the skin. He says it’s the only REAL way that works… So what’s the scoop here?

What Truth About Cellulite – Naked Beauty Symulast Method claims?

  • Smooth out the skin of you thighs and buttocks.
  • Doesn’t require hours of cardio and only 36% of women will need any cardio at all.
  • Shows you that cellulite build up is not because of genetics or “bad luck”.
  • Be able to maintain the flat look and cellulite-free lower body for good.
  • Make other women ask YOU how you keep your body so firm.
  • Simple exercies you can perform at home.
  • Help Reduce And Even Eliminate Cellulite In As Little As 28 Days.
  • Joey Atlas has created what he claims to be the most comprehensive cellulite reduction system today. He’s been helping women all over the world for over 23 years in 193+ countries in which he researched a full-proof and 100% guaranteed method backed up by science to help get rid of cellulite!


Many women have claimed to have gotten rid of their cellulite in as little as a few weeks with the targeted exercises in the Naked Beauty Program. To me it sounds incredible, so I had to check out some other people who say they have done it too… Here’s one who got rid of her cellulite in only 3 weeks, I found this on the official website here:


The best part is everything you do is beneficial for your overall health as well. You are probably going to start eating a bit healthier as a result of going on the program. That’s a plus. You will probably start thinking about other ways to increase your health etc.

Maybe you have tried some of the things that does not work. Such as:


dvd_mTruth About Cellulite and the Naked Beauty Symulast method is all about skipping the “scams” and things that do not work, by targeting the core issue. The weak muscles that are not solid enough for the skin to be “wrapped” around them in a good way.

You will be doing a very simple, yet effective workout regimen that targets your thighs and buttocks with specific exercises.

You get everything you need to get started in the members area including PDF-ebooks, Videos of exercises and a Schedule that helps you keep on track. Everything is available immediately after payment as a digital download backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. So that is safe to order.

You will be doing the workouts from home or any other location that suits YOUR SCHEDULE.

Video of 5 KEYS TO KILL Cellulite:


When you feel the time is right, here’s a list of what’s included in the Naked Beauty Symulast method.

  • Videos detailing everything about Naked Beauty Symulast Method
  • The SYMULAST PDF-manual eBook(with detailed instructions & photos).
  • Personal exercise schedule.
  • The BEST cardio routine for getting rid of cellulite
  • BONUS MATERIAL: 9-Minute “sexy stomach” secret video
  • BONUS MATERIAL: 8-Minute “toned arms” secrets video
  • Iron-clad 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee
  • Updates and follow up

The Symulast WorkoutIf you have 25 minutes to spare you can perform the Symulast workouts. You will be doing around 8 simple exercises that help reduce cellulite specifically.

As Joey Atlas lays out in the program and workout videos:


There is a specific tempo to the exercises that Joey goes over in the Truth About Cellulite that I think is important. I do workout regularly and the tips he gives on tempo are really good.

Anyone can do these exercises since they are performed slowly with good form and a healthy range of motion. This gives the SIMULAST method time to work with the body and create the muscle needed to make the cellulite go away.

As you get better and better you’ll increase your ability to perform the exercises, giving you great control of your body and your results.

What’s the secret “SYMULAST METHOD” that works so well?

  1. Tempo is slow
  2. Perfect Form
  3. The order of exercises

Below is a YouTube Video of an example symulast workout.

Here you can see Belinda Benn perform a few symulast exercises correctly. Easy right?

Final verdict: Should you buy Naked Beauty, Truth About Cellulite by Joey Atlas?

Since there is a guarantee of 60 days money back, it clearly is structured in a smart and intelligent way by a guy who knows what he is talking about. Why not give it a shot? Right now it’s even 50% off when you use the special link below:


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