Does Rob Poulos 15 Minute Miracle Fat Burning Workout Really Work?

15minutemiracleThe 15 minute miracle has recently been made famous by a “so called” weight loss expert, Rob Poulos… The question everybody is asking is wheter the 15 minute miracle is real or not, what does it include and can it work for them? It’s frustrating to not be able to lose weight and a “15 minute miracle” would be very much welcomed by many, we all know that.

The 15 minute miracle is a short and fast, but very intense workout designed for people who do not want to spend hours upon hours of their time each week to lose weight. Maybe they are not so active, and have tried long boring cardio and fad diets before. Well, the fat burning furnace workout program is not some “fad”… The methods are here to stay.

In the 1970′s the methods described in Fat Burning Furnace was made popular. It’s called “HIT”. High Intense Training. This type of training is very efficient at burning fat and making your body crave more energy, thus helping you lose more fat in a shorter amount of time spent releasing that energy. When you perform the 15 minute miracle it can be equivilent of 1-1,5 hours worth of “traditional training”, because of the additional “pace” or speed of the exercises as well as the repetitions, or amount of lifts you do for each exercise.

As you may come to understand… If you can make your body work 24 hours or MORE, instead of just the 1 hour that you would be working out with traditional training you can quickly see how the “15 minute miracle” becomes increasingly more favorable as opposed to traditional weight loss programs, and workout routines.

Rob does a great job of explaining the theory in greater detail in his Fat Burning Furnace, as well as explain how to effectively perform exercises that burn massive fat and keeps your metabolic rate on overdrive until you perform the exercise again, keeping the fat burning almost constantly.

With the added diet plan, Fat Burning Furnace is a great choice for somebody who is unfamiliar with this way of exercising, or for those who are too busy to do a really long workout. I mean, how many really has time to spend hours upon hours in the gym each week? Not many! And even if you do, wouldn’t it feel better to be done in 1/4th of the time and do other things for the rest of the day? Of course it would….

If you are not currently a member of Fat Burning Furnace and wonder what is included in the package, watch this video to learn what the package consists of… I want you to make a good decision, even if that means picking up Fat Burning Furnace or not, it’s up to you… I personally think it’s a wise decision.

This Fat Burning Furnace Book review was to show you that I’ve seen the inside of the program. I also run various “six pack abs” and “health related” websites sharing tips and ways to lose weight. I’m not a health expert, or have any credentials what-so-ever, but have used the methods in fat burning furnace to lose a significant amount of weight, 12 lbs in 6 weeks to be exact.

Some negatives with the program?

You have to pay some extra money to get the exercises in video format. This was something that bothered me a little bit. It would have been nice to get the videos included in the original price tag, but heck… An upgrade is worth it if oyu want to see it on tape =)


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