What Is a Parasite Cleanse And Is It Right For You?


What the heck is a parasite cleanse? If you are like most people, you have probably watched a television show about people that have gotten some wicked parasites in their body, causing all kinds of weird symptoms that no one can really put their finger on. The truth is, while programs like that make you cringe, they also happen a lot more than you might think.

In reality, there is a better than average chance that most people will have a parasite at one time or another. The question is, what can you do about it, especially from a more holistic approach? Fortunately, you can take part in a parasite cleanse, more commonly referred to as a parasite detox. Think of it as a natural way to flush all of the nasty parasites out of your system and reclaim your own health.

What Is a Parasite Detox?

Dr Oz explains about parasites and how to deal with them.

Essentially, a parasite cleanse, or detox, is a combination of herbal remedies and a special diet that is designed specifically to flush parasites from your system. In order to recognize the possibility of parasites, it is important to first recognize the symptoms of a parasite infestation. This is where things get tricky and it happens very quickly.

Symptoms Can Range From Anything Involving:

  • Excessive hunger
  • Stomach cramps
  • A loss of energy
  • Muscle aches
  • Headache
  • Runny nose

As you can see, it becomes very easy for these problems to be misdiagnosed as something that is more mainstream. This is one reason that so many doctors in traditional medicine have a difficult time diagnosing a parasitic infestation and then properly treating the problem. If you have already seen your physician a number of times and the symptoms that you are having or not resolving, it might be time to consider the possibility that your problems are due to a parasite.

Is this safe?

Always consult with a physician or doctor first about any health related issues!

However, you really don’t have anything to lose if you have a problem with parasites. Remember, there is nothing wrong with performing a parasite detox that is based on eating a special diet. It requires you to eat healthy foods that are known to fight off parasitic infections like pumpkin seeds and figs. You can do this for about 10 days and you will usually notice a dramatic difference in the way you feel.

Of course, you can also incorporate some herbal remedies into the picture, but it is important that you get the help of a holistic specialist before doing so. You want to be sure that you are taking the right herbal remedies and that you are taking them in the correct dosages. Whatever you do, don’t just go to a health food store and start purchasing items off the shelf as a form of self-medication. Make sure that you are working with someone that understands how different herbs work together and how you can enhance their function by eating a certain diet.

Can it be dangerous?

As long as you follow the above recommendations, there really shouldn’t be anything for you to worry about. Obviously, if you start taking an herbal supplement and it makes you feel worse instead of better, that might not be the right supplement for you. Some people simply respond better to certain supplements than they do to others. Again, working with an individual that specializes in holistic medicine can make the entire process much more effective. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact your regular physician and let them know what you are doing. That way, everybody is on the same page. The point is, you can start feeling better sooner rather than later by getting rid of parasites that have been causing you to feel sluggish for some time.

Some say holistic healing is BS, and that there is little evidence for it. On the other side of the spectrum, ther are tons of people who use it to “treat and heal” many conditions traditional medicine has trouble with.

What to Eat and How To Detox?

You can try a detox regimen like Total Wellness Cleanse, for a complete detox program (cost money though, so not so fun). I also wrote article on cleansing juices, and power foods to eat if you want to detox or get healthier, try those articles for details about diet ideas.

Also, try the master cleanse (lemon detox) if you want to do a quick cleanse, or these 10 detox smoothies for more long-term and permanent results. These smoothies you can eat at any time, not just for detox purposes!

If the mantra “You are what you eat” is true, maybe healthy organic food is the solution to many of modern problems? What do you think, I’m curious to know, please leave a comment below. As always, like and share if you think a friend may need the info!

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