Organifi Green Juice Review – Is Drew Canole’s Organifi A Good Super Juice?


Product: Organifi

Creator: Drew Canole


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Hey there, it’s Chris again with another review. This time I will look at “Organifi” green juice by Drew Canole. Is this so called green juice, Organifi any good or is it just a scam? Well, it is rather unusual for me to review physical products, as this is supposed to be about “health guides” and various ways to get healthier. But I thought that Organifi was interesting enough and many people have tried it and there are some mixed opinions on it. But first let’s get some things straightened out.

What is The Organifi Green Juice Supplement?

In short it’s a healthy green juice that help increase your health in almost every way possible. Let’s hear what Drew himself has to say on why he created Organifi and a little bit what it’s about, to get a little more familiar with what we are covering here.

So after watching this video, I’m personally intrigued with what he is doing here. He seems like a great guy who helps people transform their life, through his YouTube channel. He is doing really well and helping lots of people in lots of countries.

  • Lose weight
  • Feel better
  • Get more mental clarity
  • Help them find their passion and purpose in life

Very honorable goals lots of people fail to achieve. Drew is a very good specialist in this field and has great authority in the market for being a stand-up guy and good resource for these goals.

He is very big on green juicing and healthy smoothies, but it’s not always easy to have a juicer with you at all times. This is where Organifi makes for great convenience, you have a green juice with you at all times, with extremely healthy ingredients.

What is In Organifi? And Why Does It Matter?


The ingredient list includes, among other healthy things:

  • Organic Wheat Grass
  • Organic Moringa
  • Organic Spirulina
  • Organic Chorella
  • Organic Matcha Green Tea
  • Organic Coconut Water Powder
  • Organic Ashwagandha
  • Organic Red Beet
  • Organic Tumeric

The ingredients are each collected from their SOURCE from exotic locations around the globe ranging from the Himalayas to Japan to Central America and Europe.

And much more.

Why is this important? I’ve written about benefits of juicing and 10 healthy smoothies on this site before, because it’s GOOD FOR YOU and will help increase your health bar none. It works and it’s real. These ingredients help you not only with maintaining health, but prevent and sometimes get rid of really bad problems.

If you drink this each day for a year you’ll notice HUGE changes in your daily life. Your energy levels will be higher, your focus will be better. Your lifestyle will feel happier and healthier, at least according to the claims of the product. Do I see this being true? It really depends on where you are coming from. If you are currently eating crap and not getting these types of foods in your diet, obviously there will be some massive changes. However, if you are drinking detox juices or healthy smoothies in your life now, maybe it won’t do much.

Most people who drink these types of green juices are already eating healthy, most likely. For them it may be a costly investment for little effect. On the other hand, if you are unhealthy now, it is a great way to get all of these ingredients in just one drink.

Just a few benefits of only ONE ingredient in the Organifi mix.

I mean, according to Dr.Axe’s article on spirulina (, just ONE ingredient in Organifi, you can feel and get great benefits such as:

1. Detoxes Heavy Metals (especially Arsenic)

Heavy metals are not good for our bodies. Not at all, that’s why we use things such as the “master cleanse” to help remove these bad toxins in our body. You can also eat more of these healthy power foods in general.

2. Eliminates Candida

I’ve written a few articles on candida or yeast infections on this site, including this, this and this. Candida is a terrible problem and ONE ingredient in this mixture can help it, according to one of the biggest health sites today (Dr.Axe)

3. Improves HIV/AIDS (I’d be careful about this one though)

I do not like claims like this, no matter what. I think the doctors should find a good treatment before we start making claims like this.

4. Helps Prevent Cancer

Again, making too high claims against diseases like cancer is not “good” in my opinion. If spirulina does help, that’s great, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it prevents cancer, as I’m sure people who eat it still get the disease, unfortunately.

5. Lowers Blood Pressure 

Yes, real claims that we can track and get at least anecdotal evidence (based on experience and observations).

6. Reduces Cholesterol

Another great benefit of spirulina that most people probably needs at one point or another in their life.

7. Lowers Chance of Stroke

Anything that can help lower the risk of stroke is a yes in my book.

8. Boosts Energy

There are many things which boost energy. Anything with calories will most likely increase energy. Sugar also helps increase energy, caffeine etc are also great to do this. However, the long term effects are stronger in natural organic ingredients like Spirulina found in Organifi.

9. Speeds Up Weight Loss

Yes, that’s something most people want. Anything that helps control hunger, leptin levels, blood sugar and insulin spikes helps speed up fat loss. The ingredients in Organifi do that, spirulina is just ONE of them.

10. Alleviates Sinus Issues

As an added bonus you alleviate your sinuses and clear your nose. Awesome!

What Does Organifi Look Like And How To Drink It?

Instead of writing about this, just look at the video below to see a very excited friend get her dose of Organifi. As you can see, she is quite energetic and healthy looking, right?

The taste is a bit minty she says. The vitamins in Organifi hits the whole register of beneficial vitamins. Lots of potassium is also inside. Improves nerve function. Matcha green tea by itself is a really hyped product at the moment. People are seeing massive weight loss and energy boost. You apparently also help reduce cortisol.

Price, What About It!?

Here is my biggest “pet peeve” with Organifi. It’s quite pricey.

A table below will help you with the prices

1 Bottle:  $79.95 Discounted to $57.95

3 Bottle: $239.95 Discounted to $149.95

6 Bottle: $479.95 Discounted to $249.95

If you are fast

1 Bottle:  Additional $10 Off Total Price – $47.95

3 Bottle: Additional $20 Off Total Price – $129.95

4 Bottle: Special Pack Only available during Launch – $149.95

With the coupon: It’s $20 off. Or you can get a free trial as well through the link below!

Delivery And Information From Drew!

It’s Time To Get Your Body, Mind and Energy Back.

Let’s be totally honest for a second.

If your Doctor said, “You have 6 months to live”, UNLESSS you change your diet and health habits TODAY. Could you do it?

Would you even know where to start?

Truth is most people don’t stand a chance to live a healthy vibrant lifestyle with the Standard American Diet, stressful job, kids, family etc.

Even if you are given a step-by-step weight loss plan that WORKS… Odds are it would take too much time, effort and patience to go through with it. It’s HARD to eat healthy all the time, it’s inconvenient.

With Organifi you buy a simple “DONE FOR YOU” superfood green juice, stir in a glass for 30 SECONDS to get a healthier body. a clear mind with lots of vibrant energy?


Sounds too good to be true? Well try Organifi Go with a free trial or get the full package right away.

Organifi is the superfood drink that cleanses your body from the inside out.

You get to:

  • Detox
  • De-stress
  • Naturally melt away stubborn layers of fat

Drew is helping 1.5 million people worldwide get healthy with juice detoxes. Now he’s made it easier than ever for anyone to kick-start their health…

There Are No More Excuses… If You Can Stir, You Can Be Healthier!


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