NO Xplode Review – Should You Buy BSN NO Xplode?

BSN-NO-Xplode-Nitric-Oxide-SupplementNO-Xplode is probably one of the most popular Nitric Oxide Supplements on the market today and for good reason. Check it out on Amazon for cheaper than most commercial stores and if you get it there with other things you may also get a discount =)

BSN N.O.-Xplode Extreme Pre-Training Performance Igniter, 2.25 lb (1025 g)

Ok, let me start off with this N.O Xplode review… I’ve used this supplement of various occasions and everytime I do I get a HUGE boost in awareness and energy. This is probably the most powerful energy increasing and pre-training performance increaser I’ve personally tried.

I’ve used it for both lifting weights and endurance training (cardio workouts) with good results. When in combination with going to the gym and pumping heavy iron, myviens start to pop-out and I get really mentally engaged in the workout.

When I used it for the first time it was to run about 8 miles… I could do it faster and easier than ever…. I actually finished in less than an hour! I didn’t get any lactic acid from the running and I could run faster uphill and not get tired at the top. I’m using this product anytime I want to seriously increase performance in games, specifically since it can be hurting your liver enzymes to use it daily! Read some of the amazon reviews and you’ll hear similar stories of extremely high liver values.

Although this is not a problem for me, as I rarely use it for “training purposes”, but rather to give myself a boost when I need to be sharp or feel down from training. I can get over may humps in training when taking the supplement as I find it raises my mood to workout. If I’m waking up feeling down, a scoop of this and I’m ready to take on the day, while gaining muscular vascularity and size at the same time.

Some people even SWEAR by this supplement and would never go without it while hitting the gym. Some use it as their secret weapon for soccer, weight training football, hockey, golf or whatever else you can think of. It really increases your endurance and power and I feel it is a VERY powerful supplement. At first when I tried it I felt like flying, but now I’m less affected by the caffein, so I need to take breaks every now and then in order to get the full effect.

Check out the Amazon reviews by going to: BSN N.O.-Xplode Extreme Pre-Training Performance Igniter, 2.25 lb (1025 g)

Here are some of them:

5/5 Great Product, Great Results

I used to work out all through out high school without the use of supplements. I stopped working out a month before I left for basic training and started reducing in strenght and endurance. Recently here on my deployment some friends got me to try this stuff.

Works great for a pre workout boost, and a muscle pump. Truthfully though, you don’t really get bigger after the first workout. The pump makes your muscles fill with blood causing you to swell up as you work. This provides nutrients and oxygen to your muscles lessening fatique, and increasing energy. Stacked with HMB pills, BSN Cell Mass and Protein supplements I was able to gain 10 llbs in 3 weeks.

Its not a mirracle drug that makes you just increase overnight. You have to put in the effort to allow this to work. Creatine is a natturally occuring chemical, and this is just a higher (non water retentative) dose of it. You’ll increase size, firmness, and endurance with proper exercise and the use of this product. Definately worth the money.

Here is another one I like, that kind of brings home the point of most supplements… It doesn’t work by itself and you need to have most of the other stuff in check first. A good training program and diet! Supplements only help those last few percent, but in this case I think NO-Xplode is a very top-notch supplement.

5/5 Not For Everyone, But Great For Me

I review supplements based on my personal usage, never by “hear-say” or any rumors about a product. I was very, very skeptical about n o xplode for years, based on what I heard from other people. I’m an active member of the United States Army, and have been working out for about 3 years. I decided to try this supplement out, and assess my progress with it according to any changes in my body and performance in the gym.

I was extremely impressed with the effects this product had on my body. First off, I literally felt a surge of energy 10 minutes after taking it. I was more focused and pumped in the gym that I had ever been, literally. I drank plenty of water so I didn’t incur any sort of headaches, and I also didn’t experience any irregular heart patterns. My vascularity was also more noticeable. I truly have nothing negative to say about this supplement. I also take a multivitamin, whey protein, and follow a relatively clean diet.

My score on my APFT has gone up tremendously, I have seen exceptional results with my body: I am leaner, stronger, and my muscles are beginning to bulge bigger than they ever have. It may not be the same for everyone, but try it out and see how it effects you.

And here is a reviewsaying how “bad/dangerous” it is… While I do not agree with it, there some truth to OVERCONSUMPTION and excess use of supplements in general. Follow the label, only take it a few times per month when you feel down and it works better and you won’t do so much harm to your body at all, quite the opposite, it will have dramatic effects on your muscles and grow them like crazy =)

1/5 Dangerous

I used no xplode off and on for years. All of the sudden, one day I had very itchy skin. It itched from head to toe. One blood test later I find out that my liver enzymes are through the roof and probably have been for quite some time. I immediately quit all supplements I was on (which consisted of no xplode). One week later my enzymes had lowered but were still high. Hopefully I have not gone to far down the road to be able to recover fully. I would stay far clear of this product as it has a history of creating liver problems for people. I am only 27 years old, and I have some serious liver issues that I am dealing with thanks to this product. I had no idea that this product was so distructive to the liver. Beware!

As you can see, we have a wide array of opinions, but it’s mostly 5 stars or 1 star depening on point of view… Danger or super fantastic. I think it’s fantastic and well worth testing this if you want that extra boost of energy, performance, veins and more.

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