How To Lemon Detox – A Detox That Really Works?


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Nutrition awareness has gained popularity in the last few years where people are keen about their weight and overall health. For this reasons, the society has grown an interest personal health. Even if it means reducing intake of the things people loved indulging in, such as junk food and soda. There have been several nutritional plans ranging from low cholesterol nutrition plans to low sugar programs. The lemon detox diet (master cleanse program) has proven to be one of the most popular and cool health fads to jump on. The lemon detox diet has had a substantial effect on many people’s lives.

Why Drink Lemonade?



The prime benefit of the lemon detox diet (Master Cleanse) is to eliminate or reduce toxins and free radicals that damage healthy cells. Due to poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle, toxic substances may accumulate in the intestines and gut. The lemon diet serves as a brush that rubs off the waste leaving the digestive system operating at its optimum level.

Stomach Ulcer Healer

The lemon detox diet’s creator, Stanley Burroughs, recommends it for the healing of stomach ulcers. In his book, The Master Cleanse, he narrates of the stomach ulcers’ patient who underwent the detox and to doctors amazement was completely healed. Several cases have followed with the same consistent and marvelous results.

Weight Reduction

One of the positive side effects of the detox is that one can lose a considerable amount of weight. Some people have recorded weight loss of 4 to 9 kg after the ten days detox. If you goal is to lose weight, you may like the “4 steps to creating an effective weight loss plan”.

Other health benefits

The Master Cleanse program provides health advantages such as positive outlook, freedom from addiction, better sleep and clarity of mind.

How To Do The Lemon Detox

The Ingredients

master-cleanse-ingredientsThe lemon detox is a program that promotes a ten-day lemonade intake made from:

  • Maple syrup; it provides the body with energy during the cleanse in the form of readily absorbable carbohydrate and high levels of potassium.
  • Lemon juice; it serves as a detergent and cleanses the inner body organs.
  • Cayenne pepper; it ensures that during the cleanse the body metabolism is still optimal. The pepper also provides the drink has a nice zing.
  • Pure water; it carries all the ingredients through the body and keeps the body hydrated during the detox. It also carries the released wastes and toxins, therefore, giving the body an inner bath.

Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

For a 2 liter batch

  • 2-3 pinches of the cayenne pepper
  • 140ml of maple syrup
  • Nearly 1700ml of pure, clean water
  • Four freshly squeezed lemons (about 160ml)

Per glass

  • 20ml or one tablespoon of maple syrup
  • Half a pinch of cayenne pepper
  • Half or a tablespoon lemon
  • 250ml pure, clean water

How Much and When to Drink

For Full Body Cleanse

  • On an empty stomach, drink a liter of lukewarm water mixed with two teaspoons of sea salt on the first day of the program.
  • After half an hour, take a glass of the lemonade
  • During the detox days (10days), drink as much as you can, preferably 2 liters a day or anytime you get hungry. If you are physically active, increase the daily intake or increase the syrup in the mixture.

Relaxed version

  • Take 2-3 glasses for breakfast and the same amount for dinner.
  • This version allows one to eat a healthy lunch.

50:50 or half-and-half version

Take 2 liters on the first three days, then for the next three days take 2-3 glasses for breakfast and again for dinner. Then follow it up with three days of consuming 2 liters of the lemonade. This version is also known as the switch as it allows the body some breathing room.

What Else Can One Have During the Detox?



Full body cleanse version



  • In addition to the lemonade, it is recommended that one takes 1-2 liters of water.
  • Additionally, one can end the day by drinking laxative (herbal) tea.


Relaxed version



  • In addition to the lemonade and healthy lunch, drink 1-2 liters.
  • Take laxative (herbal) tea in the evening and, in the morning take the tea or sea salt water.

50:50 version

Since it is a combination of the relaxed version and the full body cleanse, please refer to above.

Tip: consult your doctor or dietitian before beginning the lemon detox plan.

Bottom line

The lemon detox program is certainly an idea that everyone should try. Though the first days might be challenging, the benefits are worth more than the little inconvenience. You can easily make and take the drink at the comfort of your home. If you are doing a full-body detox it is wise to get back to eating healthy or you have just wasted your time. So try eating some of the Top 10 Power Foods, or 3 Ways to Lose Fat Faster.

Have a great day and good luck with your cleanse.

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