Joint Pain Relief Codes Review – Is Jonathan Bender For Real?


Joint Pain Relief Codes by Jonathan Bender, a professional NBA player, is this a good program, does it really work or what’s the story here?

What is this program compromised of? What does it do? How does it help med get rid of my joint pain? What about supplements or crazy pills to help soothe the pain?

I will get right into that in a second, but first.

Who is Jonathan Bender?Jonathan-Bender

Jonathan Bender is a former professional NBA player, makin’ slam dunks for Pacers in the late 1990′ and early 2000’s. Unfortunately he was injured in his knee, making him unable to continue his NBA career.

Now he has turned inventor of a joint pain aid for the knees as well as a health program called Joint Pain Relief Codes, which I’ll cover in this review.

Why did he have to create something on his own?

Since doctors were unable to help him relieve the pain in a successful way, he started looking for ways on his own. With the help of Mackie Shilstone he was able to discover the methods exposed in Joint Pain Relief Codes.

What Is Joint Pain Relief Codes By Jonathan Bender About?


It’s almost inevitable that you get joint pain as you grow older. If you’ve been active during your youth or done anything to put pressure on your joints, it’s easy to see why they will start to hurt.

Joint pain is a problem for hundreds of thousand of people all over the world. Joint Pain Relief Codes is designed to help you get rid of this pain and get your “normal life” back without pain and suffering from something that can be fixed in just 15 minutes per day.

The Joint Pain Relief Codes are a series of special treatments that focuses on the iliotibial (IT band), which is located in your knees. The idea is to make the body work WITH your strengths and against your weaknesses to make your joints “heal themselves” over time.

You will receive awesome exercises, stretches and methods to help eliminate joint pain, quicker and more effective than many other knee pain treatments.

An example to use from the actual program is a relaxing bathtub method. You press your feet on the wall of the tub and lean forward stretching the back of your hamstrings (back of legs) as well as lower back. So why do it in the tub? To aid with heat from the water, so soften up the tissues and naturally heal your joints.

When you go get the Joint Pain Relief Codes, you also receive a meal plan to help you eat the best and healthiest foods, than may even help you lose some fat along the way. Added benefits.

You will also learn about a “secret ingredient” that actually makes joint pain worse, and I can tell you right now, this was no shocker… It’s actually something white and sweet. I can’t say more than that.

Along with this is you will also be aided with oils to use for putting ON your skin that will help you eliminate the pain in your joints.

What Do I Get In The Joint Pain Relief Codes Package?


Included in Joint Pain Relief Codes you will receive the following pdf-ebooks and program:

  1. Joint Pain Relief Codes: The  “main program” written by Jonathan Bender that includes the whole formula, the ideas and thoughts about why it works and how you can go about performing all the methods to make it great for you, specifically.
  2. Meditation for Stress Relief eBook and Audio Series: In this audio series and eBook you’ll learn why and how to meditate in order to eliminate stress and get a better nights sleep. This helps with the healing of your joint pain. I think this part can be a bit “mumbo jumbo”.Even though I know there can probably be benefits to meditation, I’m not that active in it anymore, since I didn’t experience too much difference when it comes to other areas of my life. But since this is a “no cost” bonus, it’s fine if you want to try it, I just think the stretches and exercises in the main program will help you more than meditating the problem away…
  3. Easy Yoga for Full Body Health: Yoga however is great for joint pain as it helps strengthen and stretch tension in your muscles and joints.

Conclusion About Joint Pain Relief Codes?

When looking at many programs for relieving joint pain and stress on your tendons, I think Joint Pain Relief Codes does a fair job. The author is an authority figure, being a former NBA player who struggled with the very same problem you are right now.

Since the most common solutions, such as pain killers etc won’t really help remove the real problem at the core, you will need something more to really make it work. That’s why this program exists, to get rid of the problem, not just the symptoms.

You can’t really put a price on what it’s worth to be free of joint pain, that’s why I will not discuss whether or not he price is fair or not. I think it’s fair, because pain hinders your normal life. Personally I can’t put a price on that. What I may have wanted to see is some instructional videos to help understand the stretches and workouts better, but I think anybody should understand the pictures to do it right.

The process of completely removing the pain in your joints is NOT AN OVERNIGHT THING, it will take some time to work at it and use the various methods found in the program as a whole to make it work.

You should not have to spend lots of money on surgery or expensive specialists. I think it’s worth giving the Joint Pain Relief Codes a try first.


Below is additional information and tips coming from the Joint Pain Relief Codes themselves.

Joint Pain Will VERY LIKELY Happen To You, Here’s Why.

If you are getting older it’s very likely you are getting a little bit of joint pain in your knee/hip/back/neck etc.

This happens because there is kind of an expiration date on our joints, as to when they start to become worse. This however doesn’t mean we will have PAIN because of it. It’s possible to treat and get rid of it.

Some people get a growth spurt when they are teenagers. This can lead to massive joint pain which haunts them for many, many years. At the age of 25, Jonathan Bender (author of Joint Pain Relief Codes) was being treated by expensive and professional sports-medicine doctors. They discovered that his cartilage in the knees was low. This was what ended his NBA career.

Because nobody could really help him he had to come up with his own rehabilitation program and now he is pain-free for many years. Here are a three important secrets to help you eliminate joint pain in the whole body.

Secret #1: Drink LOTS AND LOTS of Water


The most important thing in our body is water, it’s actually 70% of our body composition. When looking at the joints they need to be greased up properly as well, so drinking water is absolutely essential.

At a young age our joints are upwards of 80-85% water, which is a healthy range for healthy joints. This keeps them lubricated at all times. Water is a big part of something called, synovial fluid, the lubrication for your joints.

By the time we are 40 or 50, the joints tend to lose water in the joints. This leads to worse joints as they can’t slide along the area as well anymore.

Drink your water with lemon, cinnamon, mint, cucumber or fresh fruit for example. Leave it in the fridge overnight to add some taste and anti-oxidants to your water. It makes your water natural and high in vitamins.


If you want, you can also try things such as herbal tea before bedtime.

Things to stay away from that might actually make the problem worse among other things are:

  • Coffee
  • Soda
  • Sports drinks
  • Sugary drinks
  • Sugar and Caffeine in gereral


Secret #2: Heating your muscles up


Each joint is different, but you should try to warm it up, stretch the accompanying muscles and activate the muscles through specific stretches to build up a relaxed and strong muscle around the joint, that eventually can support your body.

Doing exercise is great, but if you suffer from pain when running or walking for example, you may need stronger joints at the knee. So we should warm the surrounding muscles around the pain up, get the blood flowing into the area and build up with gentle workouts, not too intense.

Things that may be right for you to try before stretching:

  • Heat up your legs and then walk
  • Light jumping jacks
  • Arm circles
  • Slight bending at the knees and standing up again.


This will help your joints heat up and remove any knots or kinks. Now we can get to the stretches that help relax the muscles and ease the pain off the joints.

Secret #3: Stretching, Yes, simple as that, Stretching… But why?

stretching exercises

The best part about stretching is that there SO MANY benfits. For the most part it’s  a simple, painless endeavor.

If you are doing it right it should make you feel strong, relaxed and good.

The best way to get results is breaking things down in smaller steps and accomplishments, at least that’s how it works for me and most people who want something. Make it EASY. When you master that, move on.

All you need at first is to do 2 or 3 20-to-30 second stretches.

As we get older our joints come closer and closer to each other because of added pressure from tight muscles. This is what we want to eliminate by stretching them out and removing the tightness.

Stretching and heating your joints are just 2 of the 3 main parts of the Joint Pain Relief Codes which has helped Jonathan bender eliminate his joint pain. If you follow the program daily in small steps you will reap the benefits quicker than you might imagine.

The rehab routine in JPRC is only around 20 minutes and has helped many around the world such as:

  • young trauma victims
  • professional athletes
  • baby boomers who want to stay active
  • people with chronic diseases from arthritis to multiple sclerosis to
  • seniors in their 90s

The JPRC formula has helped people from all walks of life become pain free, or close to it.

If you’d like to learn more about how you, too, can radically diminish, even eliminate your own joint pain without drugs or surgery check out Joint Pain Relief Codes below.


How You Can Start Protecting Your Joint By Activating Your Core Muscles


When Jonathan Bender is asked how to eliminate joint pain and he says “strengthen your core muscles” they look at him as if he is crazy. And would agree, it sounds ridiculous at best.

The pain is in the knees in or hips, so why target the core?

The core basically means all the muscles in the middle of your body. Such as hips, abs, glutes etc. This is the part that holds up your body and keeps your posture straight.

Any exercises that active many muscles usually requires a strong core. If you are weak in the core, it can make your body imbalanced, leaving you with joints having to some of the heavy lifting.

So having a strong core makes sure no additional force is generated towards your joints, which should move freely and easily.

Because we have 29 pairs of muscles in our core, it makes sense that some of these pairs gets imbalanced. Here are a few of the muscles and the related pain you might be having:


Shoulder PAIN

The shoulders is a VERY common pain area. It’s one of the most complex joints on our bodies and it’s used in many exercises, movements and everyday work, such as working at a desk, writing and even cooking.

I bet, you can imagine the many reasons to get an injury here, not only from lifting weighs or shooting hoops either.

A strong core will aid in lifting objects, barbells, groceries or doing yard work. If you have a strong core you can keep erect through your BACK and ABDOMINALS instead of lifting with your weaker shoulder muscles. This helps support your rotator cuff, which is often times the weakest joint in the shoulder.

Strong core muscles safely generate the power you need, without damaging your shoulder joints.

Low Back Pain

Generally speaking, if you have low back pain, you need to strengthen your core. Why?0

If the muscles keeping you body straight are not strong, it would reason to believe that pressure is added to the muscles at the bottom of this chain. This is where the lower back is. A weak core leads to pressure and stress on the lower back ligaments which force stress upon your sacroiliac joint, instead of letting the muscles do the major work.

We don’t have to rely on pain killers to get rid of back pain, because helping to strengthen the back muscles could eliminate it all by itself.

Hip Pain

The big muscles in your butt, the glutes, as well as your hip flexors and abdominal muscles are all part of your core. If you are weak in these muscles it’s possible you are putting additional strain on your hip ligaments. This can very well lead to inbalances in the hip joints and lead to the pain you are feeling, although may not be the sole reason.

In Joint Pain Relief Codes you will learn all about developing a strong core and put your imbalances into alignment. This will help your joints glide easily without pain. You only need to put away a few minutes each day, such as a morning routine and even you’re older and suffer from arthritis you can help eliminate the pain with Joint Pain Relief Codes.


A Few of The Best Foods To Get Rid of Joint Pain Quickly and Easily


If you don’t eat well your pain may get worse. Hydrogenated oils and trans fats are a terrible choice. Additionally a lot of sugar is obviously bad. Same goes for boxed foods or things out of a can, jar or tub.

Stay away from Alcohol if possible.

These foods have shown to increase inflammation. If you have arthritis, bursitis, gout, or an injury, then it’s likely an inflammation somewhere and we don’t want to feed it.

Here are a few great foods to help improve the inflammation and even get rid of it.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Fish, Walnuts, Chia Seeds etc.
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Kale
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Olive Oil
  • Home made marinades (wine, balsamic vinegar, lemon, lime, mustard, herbs, garlic)
  • ORGANIC Canola Oil
  • Berries
  • Eggplant
  • Plain Yoghurt

Eating healthy will help reduce your joint pain, but it will never treat the causes. If you want to get the complete solution to eliminating joint pain check out Joint Pain Relief Codes below:


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