The 7 Day Cleanse – Is It Any Good?


Weight loss is one of the most common struggles people around the world face each day. Many individuals are turning to cleanse detox diets to help kick start their weight loss. Many companies offer their version of a 7 day cleanse, and their are various DIY detox cleanse diets available online. If you’re thinking about starting a cleanse, here are some things you should know.

What is a 7 Day Cleanse?

A 7 day cleanse can mean different things to different people. In general, it is some form of diet that restricts daily food intake and depending on the diet chosen it can include anything from prepackaged detox shakes, to juicing, to three full meals a day. No matter which route you choose to take, this cleanse will last a full week and hopefully leave you feeling better and a few pounds lighter when you’re done.

Is It Good for You?

This is a tricky question to answer. With so many versions of the 7 day cleanse, it really depends on what method you choose. Many of the prepackaged shakes and plans sold together as a detox kit will operate by putting your body into starvation mode, if you go over the intended time of use. In 7 days it’s hard to slow down the metabolism as much. However, you may see initial weight loss, but this can also slow down metabolism making it easy to put the pounds back on. Many times it’s just water weight you lose as well, so be careful.

If you choose a few good juicing recipes or clean eating detox method, you may find you have less initial weight loss, but you will still be getting essential nutrients and won’t slow your metabolism down in the process. Many people find that these types of detox cleanses lead to healthier lifestyle choices in the long run.

What are the Results?

The goal result for most people is to experience weight loss. Some 7 day cleanse diets will produce more weight loss than others, but often come at a cost. When looking at the big picture, losing a few pounds in a week is great, but slowing your metabolism down by under nourishing your body will often lead to gaining the weight back, and sometimes more. Using a method such as juicing or clean eating cleanses may not produce as much initial weight loss, but it may help kick start your body and your lifestyle in a direction that leads to more weight loss down the road.

The results can be very good as outlined by this blogger. Read the story.

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Who has Tried it?

Many people, celebrities included, have tried a 7 day cleanse. Some have more success than others. Many celebrities are paid to promote different brands of detox diets. Their testimonials might not be quite as honest as one would hope. Gwyneth Paltrow has made her own 7 day cleanse for example.

The bottom line is, a 7 day cleanse can be great for your health and weight loss journey, but only when done the right way. If you deny your body nutrients you will lose weight temporarily, but may slow down your metabolism making it harder to lose weight in the future. Before starting a cleanse, it is important to ensure that your body will still be getting all the key nutrients required for optimal function.

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