5 Advantages of a 3 Day Juice Cleanse


For those who face constant fatigue or sluggishness, a juice cleanse could be the way to go. Over time, the body accumulates harmful toxins that can slow people down. This often makes everyday tasks seem impossible and tedious. When done correctly, A juice cleanse can help the body detox and lead to increased energy in addition to an improved sense of well being. This list will go over a few advantages to a 3 day juice cleanse so anyone will be able to decide if it is right for them.

Improve Digestion

Many foods contain high levels acids, sugars and carbohydrates that take longer to digest. While not necessarily harmful on their own, these substances can gather over time and cause blockages in the intestines. Juice cleanses will clear out these blockages and eliminate toxins throughout the body. Juice is a great way to detox. Unlike solid foods, these juices require very little energy to be processed. The digestive system will essentially get to take a break, leading to an improved feeling of overall wellness.

Lose Weight

While it may be obvious that cutting out food will help a person lose weight, juice cleanses will actually help keep the pounds off even after the cleanse is complete. Juicing will essentially give the body all the important vitamins and nutrients it needs to function while eliminating solid foods. Because it aids in digestion repair, foods that are eaten afterwards will go through the body easily which can lead to more efficient weight loss and a higher metabolism.

Increase Energy

People often begin a juice cleanse because they feel constantly tired and sluggish throughout their day. After eliminating the toxins that are contaminating the body, juicing will give back the energy that was once wasted. Energy no longer has to be spent processing these unwanted particles and people will feel better and more awake. Without the feeling of fatigue weighing down on them all the time, people are happier and able to be much more productive than they were before.

Strengthen the Immune System

One common mistake people make when starting a juice cleanse is not paying attention the what their juice actually contains. No matter if it is store bought, or made from scratch, the juice needs to contain a few essential elements in order to be effective. Adding vitamin C powder to the juice will be able to protect people from unwanted illnesses. This addition can help with the cleanse itself, and also strengthen the immune system at the same time.

Raise Self Esteem

When the 3 day cleanse is complete, people will often feel healthier and accomplished. This feeling gives people the boost in energy they were looking for and will usually make them feel better about themselves at the same time. Reaching a goal, especially a tough one like completing a juice cleanse, has the ability to release natural endorphins in the brain. The feeling would be similar to finishing a race or getting a promotion. It is something that people are always searching for, but do not find all that often.

These are some of the common benefits of juicing. If you are looking to lose weight or feel healthier, try these simple tips today. For 10 great natural smoothie recipes click here.

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